Kim-Masters United TaeKwonDo Center

At Kim-Masters UTC, we offer martial arts classes for preschoolers and kindergarteners, children, families, and adults:
 Little Tigers Martial Arts - Fun and safe classes designed for 4 and 5 year olds to improve focus and self-control.
 Youth Martial Arts Classes - Children gain focus, self-confidence, and respect while learning in a fun, active setting.
 Family Classes - Quality time for the whole family to participate in and enjoy.
 Haidong Gumdo Classes - Improve physical fitness and relieve stress in a positive, encouraging environment.

 Little Tigers Martial Arts 

-       Develop self confidence and an “I can do it” attitude

-       Improve self discipline for better behavior at home

-       Sharpen listening skills and ability to focus for improved performance in school

-       Enhance strength, coordination and athletic ability

-       Have tons of fun in classes, training camps, and tournaments

 Youth Martial Arts Classes 

Each youth must master the same requirements of poomsae, form,  kyupka, breaking, gyoroogi, sparring, mook sahang, meditation,  for each belt level.  Master Kim realizes that each youth has different strengths and weaknesses in regards to the requirements.  Some youth's bodies are able to adapt quite readily to new physical techniques, while others are able to understand the theory for the movements more rapidly.  In both cases, advancement is based on knowledge of curriculum and individual achievement.

Students will develop:

-        Focus

-       Confidence

-       Discipline

-       Respect

-       Perseverance

-       Strength

-       Goal Setting

-       Cooperation

-       Responsibility

For students who excel and are dedicated to this sport, Master Kim offers the following opportunities: Local, District and National Tournaments; Olympic Sparring Team; Leadership and Demonstration Team; Junior Instructor

 Family Classes 

Because of today’s hectic schedules, many parents are looking for activities that allow the entire family to spend time together. A unique opportunity at Kim-Masters United TaeKwonDo Center is the chance to attend class as a family.  Special times are reserved for parents and children to learn side by side.

Family classes provide for:

-       A common interest that everyone can share and look forward to

-       Greater respect between family members

-       An exercise program everyone can do together

-       Meeting other positive, health-oriented families

 Haidong Gumdo Classes (The Way of the Sword) :

This traditional Korean martial art teaches students how to use self-defense with a sword. 
We offer adults a comprehensive fitness program with the added benefit of self-defense skills and overall self-improvement.

 Learn about Haidong Gumdo philosophy, such as courage, loyalty, and justice

Learn how to defend oneself and how to counter violence using a sword

Experience physical exercise and training 

Learn how to concentrate and improve their focus

Use breathing techniques to learn control of the body and mind

Experience an increase in self-confidence